The Framework for Your Success

All-Fab is a trusted manufacturer of high-performance structural components.

Since our founding in 1970, we have established a solid reputation among our customers for consistently delivering high-performance products and for our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Our primary objective is to help our customers achieve successful results with each and every project, regardless of a project’s size or complexity.

From planning, to design, to production, to delivery, All-Fab is home to an integrated team of skilled professionals eager to help you complete your residential, commercial, or agricultural projects with confidence. All-Fab ensures that structural components for roof systems, floor systems, wall systems, engineered beams, and small building packages offer an exceptional combination of quality and value.

We understand your work; we respect your schedule; we care about your success.

From our locations in Winnipeg, Brandon, and Edmonton, and our affiliated Nu-Fab Building Products locations in Regina and Saskatoon, All-Fab serves a wide range of leading building contractors, regional dealers, and building owners across Western Canada, the Territories, and the upper midwest U.S.

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